Friday, November 21, 2008

Corey Crowder- Love

The affair has ended.

Mainstream country radio hasn't quite figured out that dudes don't want to hear Taylor Swift. Most men want beer-drinkin' music with brains and (please forgive the crude indiscretion) balls.

That's Corey Crowder. He's staked out some valuable property on the musical landscape somewhere to the south of Dierks Bentley and just a little to the west of the Allman Brothers. He'd be an appropriate opening act for both Kid Rock and Tim McGraw.

I could use a little more punk-styled grit on his new Tooth & Nail release Gold and the Sand, but Crowder's tendency to keep James Taylor's melodic monolith in sight will probably serve him well.

Stop the presses! There's a late contender for 2008's song of the year. It's Wiley's "Cash In My Pocket". The accompanying video is also great.

This video moves me, and I'm not even a big Coldplay fan. (Found via a Twitter pal.)

Hammerlord is my new favorite local metal band.

I finally got around to watching an episode of Celebrity Rehab. A Google search confirmed my immediate hunch- one of the counselors is Bob Forrest of Thelonious Monster!

Kansas City Click: Tech N9ne returns to the Uptown Theater tonight.

Stefon Harris plays vibes Saturday at the Folly Theater.

Soulfly top the bill Sunday at the Beaumont.


jonder said...

How bout that Bob Forrest. I liked his seersucker suits and his magenta tinted hair.

Happy In Bag said...

It's difficult for kids to imagine now, Jon, but you'll recall that there was a moment when Thelonious Monster had a chance to snatch the brass ring from the Red Hot Chili Peppers.