Thursday, December 09, 2010

The Top 25 Kansas City Music Videos of 2010

With the disappointing exception of jazz artists, it seems like every area musician with a Flip camera and a recording to promote made a promotional video in 2010. I've listed the 25 most effective efforts here. Don't mistake this for a music-based "best-of" list. I made these selections based on a subjective combination of importance, relevance and general watchability.

1. Making Movies- "Tormenta"
2. Tech N9ne- "O.G."
3. Soft Reeds- "This Affair"
4. ACBs- "Street Fighter II"
5. Janelle Monae- "Cold War"
6. XV- "Mirror's Edge"
7. Beama (featuring Berner)- "Trying To Do Right"
8. Dutch Newman- "Get Retarded"
9. JP Tha Mex- "Like a Game"
10. MBird- "Train Song"
11. Ron Ron- "100 Barz"
12. Cowboy Indian Bear- "Saline"
13. Steddy P- "And It's Like That"
14. Rondoe- "We Been On"
15. SSION- "Clown"
16. The Popper- "Killa City"
17. Puddle of Mudd- "Stoned"
18. Stik Figa- "Whutupwidit"
19. Roman Numerals- "This Motion"
20. Red Line Chemistry- "Dumb Luck"
21. Irv da Phenom- "Red and Yellow"
22. Reach- "Radio Love"
23. Saharan Gazelle Boy- "Strange Teen Heart"
24. Txx Will- "Last Call"
25. B Double E- "KC Clean"


bgo said...

Lots of unimaginative efforts among this list especially the ones that follow a now lame formula. You have to know what I'm sayin', right?

Anonymous said...

Happy In Bag said...

I hadn't seen that, Anon. Thanks.

And I just discovered another good one:

Margo May- "Up, Up, Up and Away"