Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ten Odd and Overlooked Christmas Albums

My friend Joel initiated a chat about Christmas music with the idea that we could publish our discussion at The Daily Record and There Stands the Glass. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but today I was reminded that Arcade Fire tops his Top Ten Albums of 2010 list. And he writes haikus. I don't particularly care for either affectation.

(Update- our conversation may be read here.)

Anyway... I made this list but I didn't check it twice. I already know that I overlooked a few of my favorites.

Ten Odd and Overlooked Christmas Albums
1. Sam Billen- A Word of Encouragement (2010 release available as a free download)
2. Brave Combo- It's Christmas, Man
3. Charles Brown- Cool Christmas Blues
4. John Fahey- Christmas Guitar
5. Dan Hicks- Crazy For Christmas (2010 release)
6. Tish Hinojosa- Memorabilia Navidena
7. Manzanera and MacKay Present The Players- Christmas
8. Max Roach- It's Christmas Again
9. Allen Toussaint & Friends- A New Orleans Christmas
10. Matt Wilson- Christmas Tree-O (2010 release)

I discovered Tamikrest on an NPR music blog today. What a find!

Kansas City Click: Tony Ladesich revisits Pendergast's The Truth About Saturday Night Tuesday at Davey's Uptown. Here's my review of the 2006 album.

I last time I saw The Sword, they opened for Metallica at the Sprint Center. The metal band is the headliner Wednesday at the Record Bar.

(Original image by There Stands the Glass.)


Rick in PV said...

Why does the Max Roach Christmas album have an Easter cover?

bigsteveno said...

Thanks for the heads up about Tamikrest. I follow African music pretty closely, and I hadn't heard of them. I thought you were talking about Terakaft.

NRBQ had a nice Xmas album, but it may have been just an ep. That Dan Hicks album sounds cool. He's a genius (not that it's ever done him much good).

bgo said...
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bgo said...

The Roach album has neither an Easter or Christmas cover.

bgo said...

Thanks for the tip about Tamikrest. I'm going to download Adagh.

Happy In Bag said...

Max Roach- the content is spoken word/noise. Borderline unlistenable.

NRBQ- I love Al Anderson.

The Dan Hicks album threatens to spoil the Christmas season in the TSTG compound. I insist on playing it regularly, but it doesn't work for anyone else.

I intend to mention Tinariwen in the next TSTG post.

Anonymous said...

I love Brave Combo. Why are they always in STL and never make it to KC??

Happy In Bag said...

Guess what, MPM? As I was listening to Tony Ladesich sing songs about Davey's while at Davey's last night, I noticed a flyer- Brave Combo is playing there Thursday (tomorrow), Dec. 16. Shh- it's a secret! $10 cover, 8:30 p.m. show.

Average Jane said...

I'm a little embarrassed to admit how excited I was when Jon Anderson's "3 Ships" Christmas album finally came out on CD. It's '80s-tastic!

Happy In Bag said...

I would be more embarrassed for you, AJ, but I'm going through a lil' prog thing of late. Besides, Kanye has made Jon Anderson cool again:

30-second mark