Thursday, June 05, 2008

Stik Figa- Figa of Speech

No more free speech.

Just like tens of thousands of other eager fans, I can't wait to pick up Lil Wayne's official release next week. I'm not even going to download the leak. There's no shortage of regional acts to tide me over until Tuesday. XTC-A has a great new Kansas City anthem, "2 Fingers and a Hook," available for download as his distressingly buggy MySpace page. And Topeka, Kansas' Stik Figa continues to make his material available. The self-professed "square" is always interesting. And what is that sample- Vangelis? This video provides one man's overview of Kansas City's scene. Stik Figa is interviewed in the doorway of the former Grand Emporium at the 2:30 mark. Midwest stand up!

Solange Knowles reportedly broke her foot at the Beaumont Club in Kansas City last Sunday.

Kansas City Click: Brandi Carlile opens for Sheryl Crow tonight at Starlight Theater.

(Image from Sike Style's Flickr account.)

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