Friday, June 13, 2008

Jeremy Pelt- This Is the Moment

The moment has passed.

Jeremy Pelt may or may not be in Kansas City tomorrow. A couple of my sources insist that the trumpeter will perform with Louis Hayes' band at the Rhythm & Ribs Festival. Yet the gig isn't listed at Pelt's site. That confusion aside, the young trumpeter "gets it." He makes a number of outstanding performances available at his site. I was tempted to post something from one of his gritty ensembles with organ, but I just can't resist jazz with strings. This 2003 session is from Live: Volume Eight. Pelt's next official new release on MaxJazz streets July 15.

Even after watching this video, I'm still not sure that Nicola Congiu isn't Sacha Baron Cohen's latest character. I spend five minutes laughing last night before I realized he was dead serious. The Italian opened for the Doobie Brothers and Chicago. My review is here.

Kansas City Click: Here's my guide to this weekend's Rhythm & Ribs Festival. Parkville competes with a far less ambitious- but free- line-up at their annual blues festival. Fine guitarist Bryan Lee is the main attraction.

Goth king Peter Murphy is at the Beaumont on Sunday.

(Image via Pelt's site.)

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