Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Django Reinhardt- Minor Swing

Swung away.

No mere mortal can follow Bo Diddley at his peak. So let's turn to Django Reinhardt. This Paris session with the Hot Club de France may have been recorded in 1937, but its fiery spirit has lost none of its vitality over the last seventy years and nine months. The sessions contained in this box set caused myriad musical shifts throughout the world. But unlike many "important" recordings, it's impossible to imagine anyone failing to derive immense pleasure from its charms.

James McMurtry was rightfully celebrated for "We Can't Make It Here", a bleak assessment of America's difficult economic times. Alas, things are even tougher two years later. Atmosphere has come up with a worthy successor to McMurtry's state of the union. "Guarantees" is a harrowing anthem for the recession of 2008.

More me: I wrote a mini-review of Rodney Crowell's free show in Olathe, KS. And I muse about why jazz no longer attracts top talent here.

Here's the trailer for From Da Hood 2 Doing Good, a Kansas City hip hop "blockumentary." (Link via Tony's Kansas City.)

It's great that KPRS is playing Tech N9ne and that "The Buzz" tossed The Golden Republic into its rotation. Imagine- locally-based acts on their hometown commercial radio stations! Elsewhere, "The Boulevard"''s new classic rock format is improving- more Neil Young and less Spin Doctors is a formula for success.

Kansas City Click: Adam Lee and Pendergast play the early show at Davey's this evening.

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