Thursday, April 10, 2008

Red Foley- Who? Me? (If You Don't Talk Too Much)

Talked out.

Although I rarely display it in this forum, I'm a sucker for honky tonk novelty songs. It's probably the result of being raised on Hee Haw, trucker anthems and Ray Stevens. The Red Foley mid-50s sessions collected on Stay A Little Longer include many fine Western swing standards, but I can't resist this routine. While I apologize for the ditty's misogyny, I must affirm that I know several guys who fell into the trap the song depicts. As long as I'm offering inappropriate content, here's a link to an obscure video of Foley performing a painfully dated hymn on the Ozark Jubilee.

I don't know why CUG Entertainment is spending thousands of dollars advertising on KPRS. The push promoting their MySpace account isn't garnering many plays.

The death of Cedella Marley Booker at 81 earlier this week accentuates the early demise of her son Bob in 1981. If Bob were to have lived as long as his mother, he wouldn't pass away until 2026. Can you imagine how much unrealized joy and inspiration the world lost?

Kansas City Click: A band very familiar with Red Foley, The Wilders, play an early show tonight at Crossroads Station. Don't miss Tim Finn's feature story about the old-timey/bluegrass/trad country band in today's Star.

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