Thursday, April 17, 2008

Luciano At the Beaumont Club

Can you imagine a country singer with the nickname "Jesus' Jukebox"? How about a blues artist with the tag "Savior's Sentinel"?

Reggae star Luciano is saddled with the sobriquet "Jah Messenger."

While angels didn't descend from the heavens as Luciano crooned at the Beaumont Club Wednesday night, most of the 300 people in attendance would agree that his performance was divine.

With his soothing voice and crossover sensibility, Luciano occupies the space left vacant when beloved reggae legend Dennis Brown died in 1999. Although a large band with three backup singers shared the stage with him, Luciano's vocals and the rhythm section were all that could be discerned in the muddy sound mix. But that was plenty.

Luciano's set was preceded by Mikey General. He spread positive vibrations through the already jubilant crowd.

I arrived too late to catch Seedlove and 77 Jefferson, but I enjoyed Springfield band Jah Roots. Still, every Midwestern blue-eyed reggae band pales in comparison to the great Blue Riddim Band.

The evening was slightly marred by the unlikely intrusion of Jethro Tull. Aqualung blared through the club during an exceedingly long break between acts. Aqualung! The entire album!

"Which Man" is available on Luciano's Ultimate Collection. He's touring behind the excellent Jah Is My Messenger.

(Original photos by There Stands the Glass.)

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