Sunday, October 05, 2008

Kim Sivils and Steve Rigazzi- Dindi

No more beauty.

I didn't appreciate intimate piano jazz until I was in my thirties. The acclaim accorded to performances including Bill Evans' "Waltz For Debby" completely baffled me.

Things have changed.

I haven't mellowed so much as I've become a more patient listener. The hard knocks that can only come with age have also taught me that beauty need not be banal and that pretty doesn't have to be precious.

In my youth I would surely have mistaken the music of Kansas City piano and bass duo Kim Sivils and Steve Rigazzi as lovely but hollow lounge music. Only in recent years have I been able appreciate the pair's sublime interplay and wistful work. They're very good. In fact, their approach compares favorably to this duet between Evans and Eddie Gomez.

In addition to their weekly gig at EBT's, the duo appears regularly at jazz clubs like Jardine's, where these original images were captured last week.

The video for Tech N9ne's "Like Yeah" was posted Friday.

If you think Lil Wayne is everywhere, you're not hallucinating. Check out his sports blog for ESPN.

Nick Reynolds, a founding member of the Kingston Trio, died last week. (Tip via BGO.)

Kansas City Click: Mark Lowrey plays "Name That Tune" at Jardine's tonight.

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