Thursday, February 21, 2008

Aterciopelados- La Misma Tijera


Perhaps it's a reaction to the frigid temperature and the gray winter tundra outside my window, but the music that sounds best to me right now emanates from approximately 1,000 miles south of my current location. Celebrated Colombian band Aterciopelados doesn't worry about classifications- electronica, M.P.B., lounge, cumbia, and pop are all on equal footing on their 2001 release Gozo Poderoso. Here's a video for "El Album", my second favorite song on the Grammy winner.

It'd be a heckuva commute, but this blog post by Steve Pick makes me want to apply for a job at St. Louis' Euclid Records. And while I don't always trust Steve's judgement, his concise dismissal of Holy F*ck just saved me thirty minutes of frustration.

I've managed to capture video images of my dreams. Here's what I experienced at 3:22 a.m. this morning.

Kansas City Click: But for the ice falling from the heavens, I might head for Knuckleheads tonight to catch folk-jazz duo Stereofidelics.

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