Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Review: The Farewell Drifters- Yellow Tag Mondays

The Farewell Drifters perform "Everyone Is Talking" at WAMU (YouTube video).

My proper introduction to bluegrass and folk music came when I shared an office with a hippie. The Dillards, Peter Rowan and Doc Watson were among my co-worker's favorites. I learned to love that stuff. In subsequent years the most popular variations of these styles came from excellent but subversive acts like the Bad Livers and Split Lip Rayfield. Cynicism became part of bluegrass' vocabulary. Yellow Tag Mondays, the new album by Tennessee's The Farewell Drifters, is a refreshing throwback to a time when the music was undiluted by the crassness of contemporary culture.

Do I like Built To Spill, Caribou, Ted Leo and Roky Erickson enough to drive seven hours to hear them at the Pygmalion Music Festival in September? I suppose I could be talked into it.

Here's my love letter to 82-year-old Marilyn Maye.

John Hammond astounded me last weekend. Here's my review.

Jimmy Dean has died.

Kansas City Click: Everette DeVan plays Tuesday at The Phoenix.

Mumford & Sons make their Kansas City debut Wednesday.


Anonymous said...

I'm digging Yellow Tag Mondays. My bluegrass liking doesn't go much deeper than Nickel Creek. I like this a lot. Thanks.

Happy In Bag said...

It's funny, Rocko. I went out of my way to avoid mentioning Nickel Creek. I reckoned the boys would appreciate it. (I happen to like N.C. a great deal as well.)