Monday, January 11, 2010

Alaturka- Layla


Intrigued by his new Alaturka project, I conducted an extensive interview with guitarist Beau Bledsoe at Plastic Sax, my Kansas City jazz site. The entire interview is here. "When I was in Istanbul there were a lot of artists trying to fuse Turkish music with jazz music with fairly dismal results," Bledsoe suggested. "I would often think to myself that if I could only get some of my KC jazz musician friends to Istanbul, they could really cause some damage!" Did Bledsoe succeed? Judge for yourself. Alaturka's "Layla" isn't to be confused with the Derek and the Dominos song. It's "an old middle eastern tune," Bledsoe notes.

Mick Green of Johnny & the Pirates has died.

I reviewed Allen Toussaint's concert Friday. And here are my notes from Saturday's Jazz Winterlude festival at Johnson County Community College.

Kansas City Click: The Record Bar offers the Honky Tonk Supper Club on Tuesday.

(Image of Alaturka by Mike Strong.)


Kelly Sime said...

cruising thru--just saw Alaturka this past Sunday...

Happy In Bag said...

Nice photos at your site! Thanks for reading.