Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Freddy Fender- Tu Se Vas

You're too late!

I love Aaron Neville. And I’m glad I can turn on the TV and hear his distinctive warble selling a plethora of products. I just wish that Freddy Fender, a similarly-voiced veteran, enjoyed the same iconic status. You can’t say he hasn’t earned it. He’s been laying down incredible music for decades. What’s the big news for Fender in 2005? According to his own website, Fender had an elevated water storage tank dedicated to him in honor of his 67th birthday in his hometown of San Benito, TX. That’s nice and all, but c’mon! Where are you, Rick Rubin? How about it, Anti? Check out this genre-bending cover of Barbara Lynn’s You’ll Lose a Good Thing. If you're keeping score, it's a soul singer doing a Spanish-language cover of a blues ballad with a countrypolitan production. Exitos En Espanol's fourteen other songs are just as compelling.

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