Monday, April 02, 2007

Jonathan Richman- Walter Johnson

Game over.

A terrific set of stories about the languishing legacies of great Midwestern hurlers ran in yesterday's Kansas City Star. In the piece on Humboldt, Kansas' Walter Johnson, ace sportswriter Joe Posnanski reports that most of Humboldt's rapidly diminishing population knows little about the pitcher. The town's citizens need to hear this Jonathan Richman ditty. While Jojo's village idiot persona isn't for everyone, I've always been a fan. And besides, willful naivete is what the best day in sports is all about. "A record's just a record in a book that's just a book," Richman reminds stat geeks like me. This a cappella version of the song is available on Richman's You Must Ask the Heart.

A seemingly new song by the Meat Puppets can be heard at the MySpace page of Kansas City's Anodyne Records.

My review of a Bill Gaither Homecoming concert is here.

Kansas City Click: Brother band legend Charlie Louvin is at the Grand Emporium.


jason said...

Hmm... what do you think of that new Meat Puppets song?

Happy In Bag said...

Well... Keeping it positive: it sounds exactly like the Meat Puppets. And I'm guessing that this is a rough mix.

jason said...

And based on the crowd reaction at SXSW, people do still want to hear the Meat Puppets.