Friday, April 13, 2007

Willis Jackson- Dance of the Lady Bug

Flew Away Home.

Don't let the title fool you. This 1950 Apollo Records side is a testosterone-fueled honker, replete with background screams that serve to fan the flames. Willis Jackson went on to record some fine organ jazz sessions, but this stuff is obviously rock'n'roll, even if it hadn't been tagged with that label. This vital compilation is loaded with similar rave-ups.

I'm Bright Eyes-neutral, so I haven't waded through the innumerable words written about the Nebraskan's latest effort. Consequently, I don't know if anyone has already pointed out that he looks just like Gram Parsons in the new video for "Four Winds."

When I heard that The Bad Plus had titled their new album Prog, I hoped for covers of ELP, Genesis, Be Bop Deluxe and Gong. Boy, am I disappointed. Still, the reworking of Rush' s"Tom Sawyer" is a blast. An MP3 of that song can be easily found, and an original composition is available from the label. The promotional video also reveals a mind-bending take on David Bowie's "Life On Mars."

My favorite comic strip, Get Fuzzy, spoofs famous album covers this week.

Kansas City Click: Like hundreds of thousands of others, I'm amused by Alanis Morissette's satire of "My Humps." But I still prefer Bowling For Soup's deconstruction of another insidious Fergie song, "London Bridge". I hope the wacky Texans play it tonight at the Grand Emporium.

I'm on a one-man crusade to revive the Jim Pepper anthem "Wichi Tai To." Someone like the aforementioned Bright Eyes could take a fresh version to the top of the charts. Brewer and Shipley issued their popular take of the song in 1970. They headline this benefit concert on Saturday night. Bob Walkenhorst is also on the bill.

OK Jones has the Sunday night slot at Ott's on the Plaza.


bgo said...

Amen to "Wichi Tai To."

I love Jim Pepper's version (he wrote it) on his rare Embryo LP as well as the first time I heard it by Chris Hill's album Everything is Everything which featured Jim Pepper. Jan Garbarek has a nice instrumental version too, though it does go on a bit long


Don't Need Anything said...

the only version i know is by harper's bizarre, which jack johnson included on the soundtrack to his "thicker than water" film and i immediately fell in love with it. now i gotta go find the one by jim pepper...