Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Nick Lowe- Failed Christian


I sometimes worry about the day that my streak of never repeating an artist at There Stands the Glass comes to an end. I'm up to 362 posts. Then I realize that I haven't touched on many of my favorite artists, including Nick Lowe. His solo releases and work as a producer have had immeasurable impact on my musical development. "Failed Christian" is from Dig My Mood, a relatively recent recording. It deals primarily in adult themes of this nature. I recommend it, but first make sure you have Basher, or if you're too hip for comps, Jesus of Cool.

My friend Mike alerted a music group to this fascinating piece in the Washington Post. It tracks people's startling response when Joshua Bell poses as a busker.

ESPN is using Pearl Jam's "Comatose" as music in highlight reels. It makes me feel like a jerk for regularly underestimating Pearl Jam.

Tears of joy well in my eyes when I watch this shaky fan video of Craig Finn of the Hold Steady jumping out of his skin as he sings the opening lines to "Rosalita." Hat tip to my pal S.S. for knowing that I'd lose my mind over this footage.

Kansas City Click: A great show hits Davey's Uptown tonight. Mike Dillon's Go-Go Jungle and Malachy Papers offer an innovative, up-to-date take on jazz. Malachy Papers' site is pretty useless, but don't miss the three Dillon compositions at the link.

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Bruce said...

Alls that Springsteen video needs is the guy from Marah, and they'd have a perfect hat trick!