Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Porcupine Tree- How Is Your Life Today?

End of story.

The most rabid fans of Porcupine Tree would have you believe that the psychedelic British band is the modern day Pink Floyd. I've always considered them to be a lot closer to Marillion and Collective Soul than to indie-rockers like the Flaming Lips or Cloud Cult. This observation is not intended as a slight. It's just that Porcupine Tree seem to be an arena rock band trapped in an undeserved cult status. That seems to be changing. Their new release, Fear of a Blank Planet, is #6 on Amazon's sales chart. This song, from their out-of-print Lightbulb Sun, is clearly a tribute to the Zombies' Odessey & Oracle. For a more representative sample of Porcupine Tree's sound, watch the video for the the title track. It perfectly encapsulates the spirit of this very moment for too many kids living in the United States.

The excellent music blog La Onda Tropical hipped me to Belgium electronic pop artist Buscemi. Listen to this.

Kansas City Click: How is possible that the world's most celebrated musician within his selected field doesn't have a web page, a MySpace account or a single video on YouTube? Maybe it's a Welsh thing. (Bring on the hate mail, Wales!) Fortunately, Robin Huw Bowen has a Wikipedia entry. The harpist performs tonight at Asbury United Methodist Church at 75th and Nall.

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