Friday, April 06, 2007

Billy Joe Shaver- Tramp On Your Street

Found a home.

I don't condone violence. And I'm deeply saddened that Billy Joe Shaver is in more than a little bit of trouble. It doesn't look good. But I'd be lying if I didn't admit to being slightly titillated by the old outlaw acting like a wild man. I grew up on this album of ill-tempered Shaver songs. Shaver sings about walking barefoot along "ten miles of train track to hear Hank Williams sing" on this song from a tribute album . Here's a shaky video of an in-store at Waterloo Records. It was shot immediately before Shaver turned himself in.

I'm deeply attached to the last CD by tough Kansas City band Pendergast. So even though it explores the same themes, it took a while for me to fully accept the band's new release Between the Bottle & The Pulpit. I've finally come around. The title track hits on many of my favorite topics- the comfort of the road, booze, faith, women and weariness. Listen to it here.

Kansas City Click: Municipal Auditorium will explode when Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Fat Joe and Birdman break out "Make It Rain" tonight. Here's the video. Young Jeezy, aka "The Snowman," is the headliner. His "Go Crazy" is among the best- and most disturbing- hits of the new millennium. The venerable Toots & the Maytals play the Folly on Saturday night. What'll they do without a dance floor? A much younger star, Tyrese, is at the Beaumont on Sunday.

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