Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Sonya Isaacs- The Battlefield


As I watched the Isaacs' set at a Bill Gaither concert last week, I wondered why Sonya Isaacs didn't have a solo career. She's attractive and owns a wonderful voice. Only later did I recall that she did, in fact, cut an album. And I own it! The out-of-print self-titled 2000 release is that forgettable. Instead of highlighting Isaacs' bluegrass and gospel roots, producer Vince Gill churned out a mostly anonymous Nashville product. Only "The Battlefield," the album's final song, hints a Isaacs' distinctive soulfulness.

I initially thought REO Speedwagon was a remarkably odd choice to sing the National Anthem on opening day at Kaufman Stadium. I expected fans to grumble things like, "I guess Head East wasn't available." Instead, the '70s and '80s hitmakers were greeted with a hearty roar of approval. It just so happens that an exclusive Wal-Mart package streets today. (The Royals are owned by a Wal-Mart executive.)

Kansas City Click: I used to occasionally buy $8 beers at the Oak Room at what's now the Fairmont Hotel. I figured that was the price to sit in a big leather chair and listen to Kansas City's finest jazz musicians. Jazz is now out of favor at the fancy bar. Part Dave Matthews and part Norah Jones, Heather Thornton is at the Oak Room tonight. Take lots of beer money.


Dallas said...

Head East!

Happy In Bag said...

"Never Been Any Reason" was the jam. And to be fair to REO, their rendition of the anthem sounded really solid.

Don't Need Anything said...

reo is perfect for the crowd at royals games. its like someone drops the trailer park on kauffman for 81 games a year.

Lee said...

I always assumed REO were Canadian. Something about Cronin's enunciation.

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