Monday, April 09, 2007

Hubert Sumlin- Love You, Woman

Loved no more.

I wrote a less than flattering review of Kenny Wayne Shepherd's Friday night concert. The concept of the show is great- Shepherd's audience gets exposed to several veteran bluesman. One of them, the great Hubert Sumlin, stole the show. I don't remember him being quite as animated in the Blues-A-Rama tour I saw a decade or so ago. This unlikely solo country blues is pulled from a 1964 session. And if you don't know what all the fuss is about, watch this Howlin' Wolf video. The sync is off, the introduction is a trainwreck, and the camera stays focused on Wolf even when Sumlin solos. Even so, it's essential viewing.

Buddy Flett is also part of Shepherd's blues review. This video shows why he impressed me.

Starbucks ran a full page ad in yesterday's New York Times promoting an album by CeU. The new release is part of their "Hear Music Debut CD Series." And darned if it isn't wonderful. Check this revealing video for confirmation. Here's another.

Kansas City Click: Try Jeff Wood at Vivace. His strong voice and emotional songs might be just the thing on another chilly April evening.

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