Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Bill Morrissey- Everybody Warned Me


My introduction to Bill Morrissey came via one of the first CDs I purchased. The format was new, and this compilation came cheap. Based on Morrissey's performance, I assumed he was a crusty old-timer. I was stunned when I first saw him perform- he was a tiny guy not too much older than me. The revelation made me an even bigger fan. To paraphrase Steve Earle's famous quote about Townes Van Zandt, "Bill Morrissey is one of the best folk artists in the world, and I'll stand on John Prine's guitar case in my Adidas and say that." Alcohol plays a prominent role in Morrissey's work. In this song from Inside, the desperate narrator is "coughing up blood in a Motel 6." This story details his recent struggles. Good luck, Bill. We still need you.

Ornette Coleman won a Pulitzer for the album I complained about last year. Here's a representative Ornette video.

Kansas City Click: I used to catch rides to school from a guy who would crank UFO and Judas Priest every morning. Federation of Horsepower remind me of that dude. They play the early show at the Brick.


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