Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Alton Ellis- Black Man's Pride

Still proud.

My recent Tim Armstrong jag put me in the mood for the original rocksteady artist, Alton Ellis. The monumental "Black Man's Pride" is one of several protest songs on the excellent compilation Arise Black Man 1968-1978. "I was born a loser," Ellis wails. "Because I'm a black man." Ellis merits a place in any discussion that includes both Curtis Mayfield and Bob Marley.

My friend Lee is the smartest guy in the room. He reviews Matt Wilson's Friday night show at his jazz blog The New Lowdown.

Kansas City Click: The air is awfully sticky today. That bodes well for tonight's Southern Culture On the Skids show at Knuckleheads. The sweatier the better with those freaks. The mighty Pendergast open.

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Lee said...

It's a small room, after all...

Thanks for the tip o' the Bag.