Friday, April 20, 2007

The Silos- Behind Me Now

Left behind.

I tell a lot of jokes that are funny to no one but me. One of them comes to mind when considering The Silos. "If I had a band it would sound just like the Silos," I suggest before skipping a beat. "And that's why I'm not a musician." It's not that I don't respect Walter Salas-Humara's band. I own seven of their CDs and I've seen them perform numerous times. They've made a lot of great music. But it's obviously been a struggle. In spite of a tour supporting the project, their February release, Come On Like the Fast Lane, hasn't created much buzz. It's too bad. It continues the Silos' tradition of exploring the common ground between Lou Reed, Neil Young and Chuck Berry.

This is surreal. A well-known area musician and business owner took a case all the way to The People's Court. His blog report, complete with YouTube video, is hilarious.

In other Seven Degrees of Get Up Kids news, four songs from the New Amsterdams forthcoming Killed Or Cured are up at their MySpace page.

Kansas City Click: There's no shortage of big shows this weekend. Here are three less obvious options. Los Primos De La Sierra play in Kansas City, KS, tonight and on Sunday.

All the cool kids will be at the Decemberists' show, but Saturday's bill with Warped Tour favorites Meg & Dia at the Beaumont might be more fun.

Kirsten Paludan and Olympic Size are at McCoy's Sunday night. The latter's "Friends" is one of my new favorite songs.


Don't Need Anything said...

im finally one of the cool kids

and i had no clue killed or cured was getting a proper release. ive had a version thats been passed around on the internet for about two years now.

Happy In Bag said...

Oh, that's what this is... I didn't make the connection, although some of the songs are also on Story Like a Scar.

Loved your Day On the Hill report, DNA.