Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Los Tigres Del Norte- Muerte Anunciada


Los Tigres Del Norte added another title to their enormous catalog last week. Detalles y Emociones debuted at #65 on the Billboard Top 200 chart. This narcocorrido is pulled from a 1994 album. Read this fascinating profile for background on the immensely successful band's saga. Although it's too disjointed for me to completely comprehend, this powerful video about the immigrant experience is set to the hit "El Mojado Acaudalado." It shows why the music of Los Tigres Del Norte resonates with their fans.

I've regularly championed the work of Grace Potter and The Nocturnals. Here's a link to their new single, "Ah Mary". The more commercial sound signals the breakthrough I've been predicting. This Is Somewhere is scheduled for an August release.

Kansas City Click: When I caught VAST at the Grand Emporium last year, the opening act perfectly reproduced the early sound of Wax Trax! Records. It was an interesting exercise in form, but I didn't get the point. The Bjork-goes-Goth sound of Anvil Chorus is a musch better fit for VAST, a fine stadium rock act with a sound that feels way too, well, vast for a small club.

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