Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Geater Davis- Sad Shade of Blue


Recorded for a small Nashville label, this Geater Davis gut-wrencher seems to be based on Bobby "Blue" Bland's "Two Steps From the Blues." Yet Davis' convincing performance rivals Bland for passion and intensity. I pulled "Sad Shade of Blue" from a compilation titled Soul Deep that isn't listed at Amazon or Ebay. Fortunately, the song is included on this healthy collection.

Sales of two new releases stood out yesterday. I didn't have any trouble separating the Nine Inch Nails fans from the Bucky Covington advocates.

Your metal band can beat up my metal band: They're not exactly innovative, but I really like the new Chevelle. So sue me.

Kansas City Click: I met a woman last night who told me about John Northern's gig at the Record Bar opening for Bob Walkenhorst. I wasn't familiar with him; he seems to be in the folk tradition of Tom Rush and Tom Paxton.


Spyder said...

I mentioned this to you yesterday at the meet up.

John Northern and the Bean Blossoms will start at 7:00pm on 4/18/07 at the Record Bar. Bob Walkenhorst, Jeff Porter, Norm ( sorry can't remeber his last name, but he also plays with the Elders)will start around 8pm. There are no bands, so they will probably stretch it out a bit.

VILLAGE RECORDS BIO of John Northern: If the Traveling Wilburys had been Roy Orbison, Leonard Cohen, Roger Miller and Waylon Jennings - this is what it might have sounded like. John Northern is that guy that lives 3 doors down that you never knew was a songwriting genius until you wander into a Kansas City coffeehouse one night and there he is, being one. John's songs combine simple chord changes, beautiful contagious melodies, and lyrics like you've never heard before. Appearing in John's lyrics are King Kong, Fay Wray, Grandma Moses, the fire department and little green men - and that's just the first song. Immaculate minimalist production (and drums) by former Rainmaker Bob Walkenhorst is light on the touch and heavy on the reverb. With cool guy Jeff Porter on piano and electric guitar now and then. This is traditional acoustic folk music that goes someplace completely different. Get the picture? - this is good.

bgo said...

What a great choice by
Greater Davis.

When I am in the mood for something like this, nothing tops it.

BTW: 2 Steps From The Blues (Mr.
Bland is in my top 50 favorite albums of all time.