Friday, March 30, 2007

John Campbell- When the Levee Breaks


I'm very pleased to count Pete Lubin among my friends. The semi-legendary A&R man and raconteur recounts his work with bluesman John Campbell at Jefito Blog. The epic tale is well worth your while. Jefito offers a few tracks from Lubin's production. This Memphis Minnie via Led Zeppelin burner is from Campbell's subsequent Howlin Mercy release.

I'm surprised by how much I enjoyed Bill Gaither's Homecoming show last night. The Isaacs' take on one of my favorite hymns was especially touching.

Kansas City Click: KCUR's Sonic Spectrum is hosting fine music at the Record Bar Friday and Saturday. Details are here. I'm ashamed to relate that I won't see B.B. King Saturday night. Instead, I'll be catching OK Jones at The Hurricane. It'd be fun to be part of this drunken madness on Sunday afternoon.


Don't Need Anything said...

its been SO hard to pick shows around here lately! so many good ones! i love the challenge of picking just the right one.

Happy In Bag said...

Agreed, DNA. The local indie scene is strong on a strictly musical level. My biggest concern, however, is that there's no single local indie act that's very popular. Not to take anything away from the local talent, but not one of these bands is capable of selling 500 tickets in their hometown. Let's hope that changes soon, lest the "scene" collapse.