Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Betty Carter- Tell Him I Said Hello


When Nicole Kidman's lookalike was ousted from American Idol last week she cannily interjected words to the effect of "Oh why did I decide to scat/Americans hate jazz" into her farewell song. I won't begin to speculate on how an artist like the great Betty Carter would fare on the program. But I may never hear a better example of a great instrument utilized by a great mind than this 1955 recording. The out-of-print Social Call sells for $40.00 and up. But don't fret- this song is also available on this Spanish import for half that.

Here's a static video of the delightful Dr. Dog at a recent in-store.

Maybe it's because my cranium is loaded with enough allergy medication to operate a meth lab, but I'm captivated by this human jukebox. I'd live at my neighborhood tavern if a guy or gal like this sat in the corner entertaining my requests every night.

Kansas City Click: The Boulevard Big Band does their thing at Harlings or at J. Barleycorns- their site indicates that they may have recently moved their bi-monthly session. Call the venues to confirm.

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