Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Trip Shakespeare- Pearle


Nostalgia time. In the late '80s one of the most popular bands on the Midwestern tour circuit was Minneapolis' Trip Shakespeare. A big reason the band's shows were so fun was that girls loved them. Although they were tagged as a "new wave" act, Trip Shakespeare was actually a dance band. A geek like me could take a girl to a Trip Shakespeare show and know that she'd agree to go out with me again. That wasn't the case with other bands that shared the same circuit, acts like Soul Asylum and Tupelo Chain Sex. "Pearle" is from the band's out-of-print debut album from 1986. It's available from secondary vendors at Amazon here, or as a "custom burn" from Twin Tone here.

I'm so deliriously tired today that this contrived Joe Nichols song made me tear up as I drove home from work.

Kansas City Click: I'll be at the Widespread Panic show tonight.

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