Friday, March 09, 2007

Mary Chapin Carpenter- It Don't Bring You


I never understood why so many people actively dislike Mary Chapin Carpenter. Is it because she's not as conventionally pretty as Emmylou or Dolly? If it's a presumptive lifestyle thing, well, I won't even go there. Maybe it's because she can be wimpy- well, she is a singer-songwriter... Besides- what a singer! And what a songwriter! And Come On Come On is one of the landmark albums of its time. Carpenter also introduced both BeauSoleil and Lucinda Williams to the mainstream. Anyway, she doesn't need me to defend her. Her new release Between Here and Gone is out this week. Underneath the slick major label production of 1989's seemingly out-of-print State of the Heart is this gem of a song. If the somewhat dated sound is too much for you, try to hear Maura O'Connell sing it.

Kansas City Click: Reach is the last of seven artists at The Record Bar tonight. The Jackpot in Lawrence has a great triple bill on Saturday night. Sunday offers another chance to see a tremendous summit of top regional acts. The Roman Numerals, Vedera and the Architects are three of the bands at El Torreon.

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this shirt is a great song.