Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Geoffrey Oryema- Gari Moshi

Moved on.

Easily one of the most overtly commercial songs I've posted at There Stands the Glass, "Gari Moshi" is a propulsive Paris-based production by native Ugandan Geoffrey Oryema. If I hosted a radio program, I'd insist on making the song my primary bumper music. While this nineties release failed to make Oryema a superstar, the day is nearing when a steady stream of African artists claim spots on American pop charts.

Only audiences for teen idols and gospel music are more fun than jam band fans. I had a good time at a sold-out Widespread Panic show last night.

I suppose I shouldn't be disappointed that the new Timbaland is so intellectually vapid. It's just that I can't help but think that if some of the lurid lyrical content was supplanted by a broader vision, it could have been an "important" album. Instead, it sounds like a raunchy billion dollar bash.

Kansas City Click: Most contemporary Christian music doesn't move me. Yet Mike Crawford's songs at MySpace are really interesting. I suspect he's listened to a lot of Pedro the Lion. Crawford opens for Leeland at Emmanuel Baptist Church in Overland Park tonight.

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