Thursday, March 29, 2007

Roger Kellaway- Mack the Knife

Out of sight.

Roger Kellaway is one of those musicians who has worked with everybody and done everything. A couple of years ago he released Remembering Bobby Darin, a tribute to his old boss. It's a wonderful effort featuring guitarist Bruce Forman and bassist Dan Lutz. The familiar Brecht/Weill composition that closes the disc is clearly played for laughs. Yet I find it a refreshingly playful performance that's all too rare in the po-faced world of jazz.

I'll admit it. I'm obsessed with the television infomercial for this set of CDs. It's not like I'm tempted to purchase these "soft rock" hits from the '70s. I just find the lengthy advertisement oddly comforting. And I laugh out loud every time I see a satisfied "customer" say something like "It's not just a collection of music- it's a collection of emotions."

Kansas City Click: Bill Dye is one of my favorite local guitarists. He plays with John Paul tonight at BB's Lawnside BBQ.

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