Friday, March 16, 2007

Beaver Nelson- Some Day Just Like Today


I'm depressed. I wish I was in Austin drinking free beer and hearing my new favorite band for the first time. This is the second year in a row that I haven't attended SXSW. I first hit the annual music festival around 1990. It bore little resemblance to the celebrated international event it is today. Not better or worse. Just different. The focus used to be on unsigned Texas-based artists like Beaver Nelson. It was predominantly for industry weasels and local music heads. You'd meet with record labels, distributors and retailers during the day. At night you'd see showcases by the likes of Nelson, Jimmy LaFave, the Reivers and Jimmie Dale Gilmore. Nelson's not even at SXSW this year. I don't know if he passed or if the event has moved on without him. I've always like the guy- partly because I think he resembles what I'd look like if I missed a few meals. This 2002 album is not his best effort; I chose it because it's the most obscure of the several Nelson albums I own. This amiable song conveys Nelson's general sensibility- he's like a disoriented Springsteen.

My review of a wonderful John McEuen performance is here. And I rave about the new album by The Frames here.

Kansas City Click: Since I have the blues, I'll suggest Trampled Underfoot tonight at Eddie's in Lee's Summit (in spite of their "Blues Hammer" leanings). The Elders play the Uptown on St. Patrick's Day. Perfect! The big time hits KC on Sunday with a show at the Gem by The SF Jazz Collective.

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