Friday, March 02, 2007

Scott Appel- Somnus

Thank you, Scott.

Here's a tip for a savvy record label- reissue Nine of Swords. The three copies available through secondary vendors at Amazon are priced at $80 and $100. It's not as if the Scott Appel album is a secret. It received enthusiastic reviews when it was released in 1988. Appel was a sort of Nick Drake revivalist back when Drake was no more than a footnote to all but hardcore folk fans. This album, which included previously unpublished Drake songs, served as my introduction to the now fashionable Drake. Out of respect for the late Appel, I'm featuring one of his original compositions here. But trust me- he did Drake better than anyone. C'mon Drag City. Or what about you, Sugar Hill? Every freak-folker worth his or her salt needs Nine of Swords.

"The Way I Live" by Baby Boy Da Prince is easily the best current radio hit. I usually burn out on such tracks after a week or two. And I certainly can't get behind the lyrical content. Yet every time I hear it on both urban and "hot' formats it makes everything else on the playlists sound stale. Part of the attraction is the young man's speech impediment. Is it caused by his grillz or by something else? The song of the South is already slow, so the chopped & screwed version is kind of unnecessary.

Borders provides good footage of a Gomez in-store. My favorite part is watching a couple of the guys roam the store.

Kansas City Click: Local jazz fixture David Basse is joined by California-based veteran pianist Mike Melvoin at Plaza III Friday and Saturday night. I've never been to Jerry's Bait Shop in Lenexa but Sunday might be a good time to change that. A dude from the Pomonas entertains that evening.

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Vivian said...

You have Nine of Swords, but what of "Parhelion"? In Loving Memory of Scott Appel Aug.3 1954- March 11th 2003, I have up, my own favorites of His (and Nicks). Its comforting to know Scotts music lives on because of people like you...who/where ever you are.