Monday, August 27, 2007

World Saxophone Quartet- Netdown

Lost connection.

I attended a memorial service at Charlie Parker's grave yesterday. Bobby Watson, Ahmad Alaadeen, Chris Burnett and other area saxophonists ran through "Now's the Time." It put me in mind of the great World Saxophone Quartet. On the excellent post-Julius Hemphill 25th Anniversary: The New Chapter, Oliver Lake, John Purcell, David Murray and Hamiett Bluiett continue their tradition of providing the ideal balance between tradition and musical progression. It's fun to watch kids react to the W.S.Q.'s honking in this video.

I was entertained by Alice Cooper last night. I'd almost forgotten the primal appeal of great songs like "Elected".

Kansas City Click: Magnolia Electric Company and Golden Boots are at the Grand Emporium tonight.

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