Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Ben Webster- Over the Rainbow


Few have ever played as pretty as Ben Webster. That so many people are chattering in the background as Webster and pianist Kenny Drew bare their souls just floors me. I guess some things never change. The 1965 Danish session also features Nils-Orsted-Pedersen and Alex Riel. This title seems to be completely unavailable, but a second volume can be yours for $100.00. There's also a priceless video of Webster performing the same song with a different group.

I just returned from Branson, Missouri. Here are pictures I took of the tourist town's main drag.

The new release I'm rooting for today is Chingo Bling's They Can't Deport Us All. Here's the TV spot.

Kansas City Click: Danny Embrey sits in with the PBT trio at Jardine's tonight.

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Anonymous said...

Did you go to any of the
Branson shows while there?