Friday, August 24, 2007

Dale Ann Bradley- Last Drink of Wine


Etta James spoiled music for me. Her incendiary show last night makes it difficult for me to enjoy anything else right now. So I thought I'd seek solace in a very different type of vocalist. One of bluegrass' most gifted performers, Dale Ann Bradley trades in subtle nuances and quiet strengths. Fans of Alison Krauss- an avowed Bradley advocate- should seek Bradley out immediately. If this song from the out-of-print East Kentucky Morning doesn't convince you of Bradley's merits, her cover of "Me and Bobbie McGee" might do the trick.

My review of Etta James is here.

I'm Not There? I'm so there.

Kansas City Click: The Wreckers play a free show at Crown Center tonight.

Club Kandi is advertising a Saturday appearance by Project Pat.

Alice Cooper brings his "Psycho-Drama Tour" to the Uptown on Sunday.

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