Monday, August 20, 2007

Reverend Gary Davis- Death Don't Have No Mercy


Not that it matters to anyone but me, but I've never featured the same artist twice at There Stands the Glass. I figured that I'd reevaluate the policy after I hit 500 posts. (This is #449.) If it wasn't for this self-imposed rule, I'd feature a song from Hillstomp's new After Two But Before Five today. The band is in my town tonight. But I already spotlighted the Portland, OR, duo 16 months ago.

Rather than post a Fat Possum artist- Hillstomp are deeply indebted to R.L. Burnside- I'm invoking Reverend Gary Davis. Hillstomp surely appreciate the gloom of this Davis favorite from a live 1967 recording.

In order to best illustrate the value of Hillstomp's punk-inspired take on traditional blues, I encourage you to compare and contrast these videos. Here's Hillstomp's aggressive approach. And here's a very famous group with the exact opposite tack.

One of my biggest musical and cultural shocks came several years ago when I joined a local jazz club and befriended the organization's younger members. Instead of finding Dolphy, Monk and Parker when I flipped through their collections, I discovered that their idea of jazz was Jon Lucien, Roy Ayers and Ronnie Laws. Lucien died Saturday. This video is typical of his style.

Kansas City Click: According to Back To Rockville, Hillstomp and a country-fried steak can be had at the Brick's Monday matinee for $6.95.

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