Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Chris Smither- Time To Spend

Time's up.

I love Townes Van Zandt as much as the next guy. The troubadour deserves all the posthumous acclaim he's received. But where's the love for Chris Smither? Does the guy have to die in order to become fashionable? A few poor production decisions prevent Happier Blue from being perfect. The coveted out-of-print 1993 release closes with "Time To Spend." It reveals Smither's wit, lyricism and remarkable way with a guitar.

David Byrne covering "There Stands the Glass"? No way! Yet here it is.

Kansas City Click: Join the kids at El Torreon for Benison and Edwin Vs. the Ants.


Craig said...

it's a beautiful, nearly perfect song...musical heathens be damned!

Bruce said...

The David Byrne thing is from the first issue of Wholphin, the DVD magazine from McSweeney's. I didn't find out about it until I popped it in and ignored it; if you just sit on the menu for a while, this video kicks in.

Also, that greasy little triangle at the back of the chicken, near where they tie the drumsticks together, is called the Pope's Nose. So, now you know.