Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Pontiac Brothers- It's Alright At Home

The door's shut.

I wasted far too much of my youth balancing on a bar stool while bands like The Pontiac Brothers stumbled around on a nearby stage. A few of the bands I followed- the Long Ryders, Thin White Rope, the Pontiac Brothers and the Rain Parade- are featured in this video. The unintentional irony of Lisa from Frontier Records being interviewed in front of a record store's "cut out" sign really upsets me. Another priceless tidbit is a brief interview with folk-rock cult artist Iain Matthews, who was apparently moonlighting as an A&R guy at the time. This typical song is from an out-of-print CD reissue.

"Pray To the Lord" is presumably going to be on Lil Wayne's next official release. It might be my favorite song of the year.

NPR aired a interesting feature about Chinese jazz vocalist Coco Zhao last week. The sole video at YouTube leaves me skeptical.

Kansas City Click: I'd never heard of ZZ Rose until I bumped into her at MySpace. I can't say I became an instant fan, but I'll bet she went over well at the organic farmer's market she appeared at today.

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