Thursday, August 02, 2007

Dead Rock West- Pretty Disaster

Cleaned up.

Knowing nothing about Dead Rock West except that John Doe had selected them as tour mates, I was put off when I first heard Honey and Salt. I thought these kids were unnaturally slick and refined. Only when I read the band's press kit did I realize that they're not kids- they're roots rock lifers. Their professionalism was earned the hard way. The band's members have worked with the likes of Lucinda Williams, Peter Case, Rickie Lee Jones and John Prine. This fan video of the band backing Doe on "Fourth of July" last month proves that it's an ideal pairing. And this video reveals the terrific chemistry between Doe and vocalist Cindy Wasserman. The tour continues without a break through August 10. I can't wait to see them in Kansas City a week from today.

Tommy Makem has died. I'll have a proper post tomorrow.

Kansas City Click: Even without Dave Alvin, The Blasters are a sure thing. The great band is at Knuckleheads tonight.

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