Thursday, August 16, 2007

Herb Pomeroy, 1930-2007


Herb Pomeroy died August 11. While he worked with a number of greats, the trumpeter may be best known for his lengthy tenure at Berklee. He's paired with clarinetist Billy Novick on This Is Always, an out-of-print ballads session from 1996. Pomeroy's eloquent playing on this Ellington tune serves as a fitting elegy.

The latest chapter in Bruce Springsteen's dastardly plan to bleed me dry was announced today. Earlier this week, I stumbled across this rough footage of Bruce's best summer song, "4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy)" from 1975. While it's much rougher than the officially released London video from later that year, it still wipes me out. "Them angels have lost their desire for us..."

Too young and ignorant to grasp the significance of Elvis' death thirty years ago, I recall laughing in disbelief at the hysterical mourning of his fans. I know better now.

Kansas City Click: The Redwalls, Mark Mallman and There Stands the Glass favorites OK Jones are at the Grand Emporium tonight.

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