Friday, August 17, 2007

Fela Kuti- Gentleman


Fela Kuti died ten years ago this month. I've never previously posted bootleg material, and for all I know, this dubious disc is entirely legit and was assembled at the Fela shrine in Lagos. I know my friend M. acquired the CD the same day he visited the site and had his photo taken with Fela's daughter. The four minutes featured here is less than a third of the original 1973 recording. Here's the out-of-print full-length album.

Go ahead and accuse me of having a man-crush on Rodney Crowell. My rave review of his Wednesday night show is here.

Elvis with a sock! I caught some of TCM's airing of Jailhouse Rock last night. I'd forgotten that it's incredibly entertaining. The trailer doesn't quite capture the film's sublime cheese.

I'd be, like, totally lying if I said I wasn't going to watch High School Musical 2 at least once this weekend.

Kansas City Click: Earth, Wind & Fire are at Starlight tonight.

It appears that Ozomatli is the first of three bands performing at Crossroads on Saturday night, but they're one of today's best live acts, as evidenced by this rough fan video.

The Wild Women of Kansas City play a free Sunday evening show in Leawood.

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