Friday, August 31, 2007

Tower of Power- Give Me Your Love

Hip no more.

It's probably an anomaly; it could signal a trend. At a handful of jazz and R&B concerts I've attended in recent months, stars have explicity referenced Tower of Power. And it's true that their brand of horn-driven funk will never go away. The strength of most recent release, the already out-of-print The Oakland Zone, offers proof. Carlos Santana sits in with the band in this live performance of their most famous song.

I continue to plug away at my lonely little Kansas City jazz blog.

Kansas City Click: Try the Irish Fest tonight. Return Saturday and Sunday if you have a good time.

The Black Crowes hit the Crossroads Saturday.

Ginuwine does this to the Beaumont on Sunday.

Why not catch Liverpool at Santa Cali Gon Days on Labor Day? They're not the Beatles, but they're free.

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