Monday, December 29, 2008

Robert Ward, 1938-2008


That guitar! Technicians explain that Robert Ward's unique sound was generated by a Magnatone amplifier, but I prefer to think that it's the result of magic. I first became aware of Ward when his triumphant comeback album Fear No Evil was issued in 1991. It's now out-of-print. Until then, I had no idea that it was Ward on the Falcons' epic hit "I Found a Love". Ward also was a founding member of the group that eventually evolved into the Ohio Players. And lest loyal There Stands the Glass reader BGO chide me for neglecting to mention it, Lonnie Mack repeatedly cited Ward as his primary influence. Ward died on Christmas Day.

Present magazine published my list of Top Ten Kansas City-area music blogs. I forgot to include Demencha. Their December 20 post on Mad Marlon was, in the parlance of the hip hop site, dope.

Kansas City Click: The Nace Brothers should make dancers happy tonight at Knuckleheads.

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