Friday, December 19, 2008

House of Badger- You Give Yourself Away


Maybe, just maybe, Santa will bring me a turntable with a USB port this year. If that happens, I'll be confronted with a mountain of decisions.

Do I start by ripping my dad's outlaw country albums? I really miss listening to a handful of Solomon Burke obscurities from the '70s. I once bought a huge cache of piano jazz albums from a jittery guy in desperate need of cash; it'd be nice to put those in a digital format. But truth be told, I'd probably begin with "new wave" and "college rock" titles from '79-'87.

I have a pretty healthy collection of rarities by the likes of the Blake Babies, Pere Ubu, Let's Active, the Bush Tetras, Gang of Four and Public Image Ltd. I'll bet that the members of House of Badger already own a lot of that stuff. The Portland band's new album, Death Birds, immediately recalls the excitement and mystery of the left-of-the-dial heyday.

I wrote a preview of Pendergast's final show. It's tonight at Davey's Uptown Rambler's Club. Yeah, I'll be there.

I acted as a substitute speaker on KCUR's Up To Date broadcast this morning. It took me about fifteen minutes to settle down but I had a great time. You can even download the show if you feel the need to hear me chat about selections including the Game, Nas and the Streets.

Sean Byrne, vocalist of the Count Five, died Monday.

Kansas City Click: Mac Lethal and the Black Clover crew's annual Christmas party moves to the Riot Room tonight.

Kinto Sol perform at Bartle Hall Saturday.

On Sunday, Nelly gets derrty at the VooDoo.

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