Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Aaron Neville- The Shadow of Your Smile

Closed lips.

A popular Kansas City jazz, soul and gospel vocalist is renowned for her incredibly powerful voice. She's fully capable of shaking the rafters in spite of her diminutive size. At Plastic Sax, I mention the effect her rich voice had on an audience Sunday.

She's the opposite of Aaron Neville. His large frame contains a thin, small voice. Yet it somehow manages to bypass most emotional filters to strike directly at the human soul. "The Shadow of Your Smile" is just one of a dozen standards on Neville's lushly recorded 2003 album. Although the setting is worlds removed from early New Orleans hits like "Hercules", it's no less compelling.

The 67-year-old performs tonight at Harrah's Casino.

"Top City, what's up!" Ill Roots offers It Ain't Easy Bein' Skinny, a free Stik Figa mixtape. The Topeka rapper is a There Stands the Glass favorite.

Kansas City Click: Aaron Neville will fill the VooDoo Lounge with delighted sighs tonight.

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Doris said...

I must have missed this Album. This is one of the most beautiful versions of this song. Thanks for sharing. (I have just listened to it about 5 times straight)