Sunday, December 14, 2008

Perhapst- Incense Cone

Burned out.

Had I heard it earlier, the self-titled debut by Perhapst might have cracked my year-end Top 25 album list. Perhapst is the alias of John Moen, drummer of The Decemberists. Yet his project is largely free of the cabaret and art-song impulses associated with that celebrated band. The delirious pop of "Blue Year," for instance, proudly features more cowbell. "Maryanne" recalls Matthew Sweet's power pop crunch, while the melodic folk of "Cruel Whisk" is reminiscent of acoustic John Lennon. Elsewhere, Moen jangles like the Byrds and jingles like Brian Wilson. It's no surprise that Stephen Malkmus contributes to the recording. Moen is also clearly a fan of Pavement.

I bought the "new" Fat Tone release at 7th Heaven over the weekend. The store's staff assures me that Da Saga Continues contains only previously unreleased material. The Kansas City rapper was murdered in Las Vegas in 2005.

Do you remember Kansas City-area shoegaze band Shallow? They had a brief flirtation with international stardom in the '90s. They're now working again as The Capsules.

I summarize the year in Kansas City jazz at Plastic Sax.

Kansas City Click: Neil Diamond brings "The Gift of Song" to the Sprint Center on Monday.

(Image from Perhapst's MySpace account.)

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