Friday, December 12, 2008

Helen Kane- Don't Be Like That

It's no longer like that.

Bettie Page died yesterday. She was 85.

I'm not familiar enough with Page's dramatic career arc to know if she intentionally channeled the persona of cartoon character Betty Boop. The resemblance certainly didn't stop at their first names. In any case, the two icons occupy the same general excitable area of my mind.

The Betty Boop character, at least in part, was modeled on Helen Kane. The "boop-boop-a-doop" catchphrase was Kane's invention. I'm tempted to listen to nothing but this excellent collection all weekend.

"Don't Be Like That" was recorded eighty years ago. It's still irresistibly sexy. Just like those snapshots of Bettie Page.

Need to smile? Here's Kane singing "He's So Unusual." It's priceless.

Present offers a clever extended inside joke about Mongol Beach Party.

Kansas City Click: E-40 is scheduled to appear with Rich the Factor at Club Dallas tonight. (Details are sketchy; the show is not listed at E-40's official sites.)

Hidden Pictures and Andrew Morgan make a fine double bill Saturday at Czar Bar.

On Sunday the Record Bar offers its bi-weekly "alternative jazz series".

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