Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Graham Parker- Soul Christmas

Boxed up.

Although he's a long-standing personal favorite, Graham Parker has been mentioned only in passing at There Stands the Glass. I own almost everything the crusty curmudgeon has issued. His catalog includes the obscure Christmas Cracker EP from '94. Featured on the disc are bonus demos. My favorite is this fantasy involving the likes of Little Milton, Don Covay and Eddie Floyd. "Hey, when is Aretha gonna show?" This is my favorite GP song. No wait- it's this. And what in the world is this- a shockingly slick 1977 appearance on Top of the Pops. Crazy!

When worlds collide- my pal Jason Harper offers an alternate perspective of last Friday night's Grieves and Pendergast shows.

Jason's blog also tipped me off to the impressive new video for the Beautiful Bodies' "Strut."

I've liked Lily Allen since I became aware of her a couple years ago, but "The Fear" elevates the pop star from the category of merely "adorable" to "important artist" in the intricate internal ranking system at There Stands the Glass.

Tupelo Chain Sex are so obscure that I used to wonder if I'd merely imagined seeing a band by that name at the Outhouse outside Lawrence, Kansas. They currently have twelve MySpace friends.

Kansas City Click: The Nace Brothers should make dancers happy tonight at Knuckleheads.


Anonymous said...

The real Soul Christmas is a duet with Nona Hendrix and GP(his only real duet). She is touring now in Labelle. He always tours the NY area and gives away the EP Christmas Cracker(Graham Cracker!) with the purchase of any cd. And in person he is anything but a curmudgeon, unless you catch himon the wrong day or ask him when the rumour will reunite.

bgo said...

The one time I saw Tupelo Chain Sex, the late Sugarcane Harris was in the band. Great show. Limey Dave was an adorable lunatic.

jonderneathica said...

I never saw Tupelo Chain Sex, but I still have the album...