Friday, December 05, 2008

J.J. Cale- Sho-Biz Blues

Shuffled away.

Live music almost never bores me, but I'm still recovering from a stultifying J.J. Cale concert I witnessed as a teenager. I was just looking for something to do; opting for the man's laid-back charm was not a wise choice. Cale turns 70 today. While I'm still significantly younger than Cale I'm old enough to understand the appeal of the Okie's trademark shuffle. "Sho-Biz Blues," from the 1991 release Closer To Home, is representative of the man's sensibility.

Last night a guy asked me if I was a "rock journalist." I don't think I qualify- a genuine rock journalist would never give Hinder a positive review.

Cuban musician Nico Rojas died November 22 in Havana. (Tip via BGO.)

Blip continues to destroy my productivity. The sole upside of the addiction is that I haven't purchased recorded music in weeks- CDs and albums would only eat into my Blip time.

Kansas City Click: Carol Duboc sings at Jardine's tonight.

The Tambourine Club hits the Brick on Saturday.

Community Christian Church hosts Carol Fest on Sunday.


bgo said...

I've heard rumors of Mr. Cale falling asleep between guitar solos

Happy In Bag said...

That's not true, BGO! J.J. only falls asleep while E.C. is soloing.

Rick in PV said...

Was that J.J. Cale at Memorial Hall? I was there, too ... Clapton at Municipal in the late 70s was one of my most stultifying shows ever! Talk about Slowhand, jeez ...

Happy In Bag said...

I recall sitting in the balcony of the Uptown Theater, Rick. I was underage, so it must have been around 1980.